Welcome to Wrk Design & Services. We are a team of experts in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Financial Integration, and Impact, dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions for a better future.
With our deep understanding of advanced technology application, we aim to provide a disruptive route towards a positive impact across the globe.


We specialise in Selective Gas Absorption using our patented DGC reactor for:

  • Carbon Capture, Upgradation and Storage (CCUS).

  • Complete Circular Economy Solutions

  • Nutrient Mass Transfer, within Liquids/Gasses

Bubble dispersion in the DGC

White Paper In-depth Technical Report


UK Patent No. 2504505 – “Apparatus and Method for Sequestering a Gas” – for our ‘DGC’ (Downflow Gas Contactor) (June 2020)

Our Vision

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture: Our technology supports SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) by improving nutrient management in the livestock sector and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Driving Clean Energy Transition

Driving Clean Energy Transition: Our technology supports SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) by providing a source of clean energy through the production of hydrogen.

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods: Our technology supports SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) by providing employment opportunities and contributing to the economic development of rural communities.

Prioritising Environmental Stewardship

Prioritising Environmental Stewardship: As a responsible company, we prioritise ESG by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving natural resources. Our technology is designed to have a positive impact on the environment, contributing to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Offerings

Route to Carbon Net-Zero and Beyond

Our DGC technology provides a path towards achieving carbon neutrality and beyond, helping businesses and communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Credits Generation

Our technology enables the generation of carbon credits, providing additional revenue streams and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Cost-Neutral Solutions

Our cost-neutral revenue model allows for cost-effective implementation of the DGC, without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Performative Based Costing

Our performative based costing model ensures that clients only pay for what they use, making the transition to greener technology more accessible.

Post-Combustion Speciality Carbon Capture and Utilisation Storage (CCUS)

Our DGC technology captures CO2 emissions from industrial processes, reducing environmental impact and supporting carbon reduction initiatives.

Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Production

Our technology converts organic waste into Bio-CNG, providing a safer, ecological, and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources.

Bio-Slurry to Ammonia

Our technology converts animal waste into high-quality ammonia, providing a valuable resource for use in various industries, including energy production and mobility.

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our offerings support multiple SDGs, including clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and life below water.

The Route to Commercialisation

Initial Consultation and Analysis

  • Understanding client requirements

  • Conducting a site assessment

  • Tailoring a solution to meet specific needs

Desktop, Lab and Pilot Phase

  • In-depth technical analysis

  • Laboratory scale testing

  • On-site pilot testing

Full Scale Commercialisation

  • Implementing the full-scale solution

  • Certifying carbon credits

  • Operating under a cost-neutral servitisation model


GRAND PRIZE & GOLD PRIZE at Seoul International Invention Fair
GRAND PRIZE & GOLD PRIZE at Seoul International Invention Fair
GRAND PRIZE & GOLD PRIZE at Seoul International Invention Fair

Received at the Seoul International Invention Fair in December 2017, Seoul, Korea, for the invention – “Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture using the Downflow Gas Contactor (DGC) Reactor”

SERB-IGCW 2017 Award for Green Technology
SERB-IGCW 2017 Award for Green Technology
SERB-IGCW 2017 Award for Green Technology

Received by Indian collaborator ‘STEP’ at Green Chemistry World 2017 – Conference, Mumbai, India, for the DGC Reactor Technology for use in Gas Absorption, Effluent Treatment & Chemical Reactions


Received at the ‘International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning 2019 (PECIPTA ’19)’, Malaysia, September 2019 – “Downflow Gas Contactor (DGC) Reactor – Environmental Green Technology Device


Received by Indian collaborator ‘STEP’ for the Downflow Gas Contactor (DGC) Technology in September 2019 from the SOLAR IMPULSE FOUNDATION [World Alliance for Efficient Solutions] Geneva – supported by UNESCO, The World Bank, UN Environment etc.

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